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Farabar Sanat Cranes Company specializes in custom design. When unconventional applications require innovative solutions, This company with cooperation of its agent in Germany is one of choices for employers in which clients can rely on.

The unusual working conditions of the crane that the company is able to provide a solution to, and not limited to the followings are:

  •  High and non-standard speeds (especially for lifting)
  • Long lifting heights
  • Very low headroom
  • The approach (the side of the hook on the sides) is much less than the standard
  • Specific working conditions (high temperature, high dust and ...)
  • Corrosive environment (vapors / acid gases, suspended corrosive particles, etc.)
  • The company is proud to rely on experienced and experienced engineers with advanced technical knowledge in the field of designing various types of cranes, longitudinal cranes and mobile electrical systems to provide free services for application analysis and to select a crane in accordance with the needs of the employers. This service includes selecting appropriate type of crane (Overhead, Gantry crane, column mounted jib crane, etc.), indicating technical specifications (crane capacity, duty class, required speed, options for site special conditions) and others issues.
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