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Single Girder Cranes
Single Girder Cranes are designed and made in accordance with the duty classification as per FEM/CMAA/DIN EN standards.
Single Girder Cranes (EOT Cranes) are known for providing cost-effective solutions due to their low
 dead weight.

Our advantages are:
-> Low dead weight
-> Low installation dimensions
-> Low hook approaches
-> Cost savings in building construction

For low to mid duty-service and single girder cranes D-series hoist types are generally used. the K-series is very versatile and applicable in many special applications. For some special applications, K-series hoist types may be used. Both series have been well-proven thousands of times and are constantly advanced.


Monorail hoists

For some applications such as production assembly line or service line, only a hoist with single girder trolley is required. The hoisting mechanism is similar to a single girder crane with a difference that the crane doesn’t have a movable bridge and the hoisting trolley runs on a fixed beam. Monorail beams are usually I-beams.

 Single-Girder Overhead Travelling Cranes Details:
Single-Girder Overhead Travelling Cranes Details:
Type: Single Girder Overhead Traveling Cranes - EOT Cranes
Structure: Girder, End Carriage, Hoist with trolley, Complete Electrical system and control system
Motor: Sq. cage/Inverter control, specially designed for crane application.
Brakes: Fail safe magnetic DC disk Brake
Gear Box: Gearboxes with cold-form housing
Overload protection Standard safety on all hoists which prevents the operator from overloading the hoist
Limit Switch: Up and down Limit Switch in Hoisting, Right/Left Limit Switch for traversing and Forward/Reverse Limit Switch for crane travelling
D-Series Hoists - Lifting speeds up to 55 m/min
- Lift heights up to 100 meters
- Compact dimensions
- Variable mounting possibilities
- Durable due to gold galvanized parts
- Low price due to the use of standardized parts
- Easy and quick replacement of single parts through the modular system
Optional Features: - Wireless Radio Remote control
- Joy sticks inside Cabin control
- Photo-optical distance control (anti-collision)
- Flood Lights
- Horn

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