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Redundant Teeming Cranes

Redundant Teeming Cranes

*  All critical hoisting components are installed twice in twin design:
  • Frequency inverter, hoisting motor, gearbox, rope drum and rope.

 Each of the twin hoists is capable of lifting the full load.

  • This way in case of a failure of one hoist the load is lifted by the other
  • This extra safety is very important!
*  In regular operation the load is shared between both hoists. Sharing the load in usual operation brings the following advantages:
  • Heavy duty, all parts in duty class FEM 5 m if required
  • Less wear due to safety-capacity that is only used in case of an emergency
  • Higher hoisting speeds Less heat emission of motor and electronical parts
  • Longer lifetime

when the cost of failure is high enough, don’t you think the redundancy may be an economic and low cost solution

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