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Billet handling cranes

Billet handling crane

Billet handling crane is a customized design crane for handling Billet/Bar/Slab/Plate or other elongated products help operators to increase their production. The critical components of this billet handling cranes are its structure, drive system, rotating trolley mechanism and the electromagnets.

*   Farabar Sanat and KÜHNEZUG billet cranes are equipped with state of the art magnets from Germany.

*   Powerful magnets allow the handling of many different billet types

*  The magnets are equipped with the latest safety installations, like back-up power supply, stepless control of the magnet power, two-button-control for drop of the load and many more

Advantages of two suspension points of magnet beams to crane hook against single point suspension:

The rotation done more easily when using two points attachments beam. With one attachment point, the rope may twisted and rotation will done hardly. The inertia force prevent from proper rotation in start and end of rotation process. Thus the wire rope will twisted will worn out in a very short time and need to be retired from service.

When handling with beam two suspension points:

  º Reduced cycle time tend to higher productivity
  º Simple design and efficient operation
  º Load will be stable when lifted

A backup power source
 ensures required operational safety, preventing emergency load lowering  (free falling) in case of the power supply cutting off.

A rotating trolley is widely considered the best solution and almost all the major steel plants in the world follow this design for billets handling/stacking. This design has some salient features:

-  Robust design and with no radial play during operation.

-  Special wheels/wheel blocks with guide rollers for rotation mechanism

-  Maintenance free operation.

-  Low head room with guide rollers

-  Perfect system without any wear with the smoothest rotation and one of the best possible solution for the rotation

In our system with guide rollers and wheels without flanges, the replacement of wheels done easily and in the shortest possible time and maintenance time will reduce. This tends to minimum downtime and maximum productivity of crane.

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