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Steel mill cranes

Steel mill cranes operate 24 hours, 7 days per week. These cranes are used to handle heavy material.
 Thus proper provision shall be made for steel mill cranes subject to type of usage in order to minimize downtime.  
These cranes are typically high-duty, high speed cranes. Safety must be take into attention regarding to the condition of cranes operation specially for the cranes which handling Dangerous material (ladle crane, hot billet handing crane, …).
Cranes shall be designed so that they can be adapted to the load types and site conditions, and such equipped to fulfills your requirements.  
In the following pages we describe about the cranes provisions and basic requirements. Of steel mill cranes.  We focus mostly on ladle cranes/ billet handling crane and scrap charging cranes. 
Some of KUHNEZUG references for steel mill cranes has been indicated at the end of this document.

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