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Jib Cranes

Jib Cranes:

Wall Mounted & column Mounted Jib Cranes are built to consistently high in accordance with the duty classification as per FEM/CMAA/DIN EN standards. Wall Mounted Jib Cranes is perhaps one of the most multipurpose pieces of Lifting Equipment. It supports Overhead Cranes on production lines and keeps workstations, machining cells and warehouses in operation.

Where limitation due to space and supporting structure for overhead cranes occur, Jib cranes are a good solution for material handling.

Jib Cranes Details:
Type: Jib Cranes with Single Girder trolley
Structure: Jib Arm, Column, Hoist with trolley, Rotation mechanism, Complete Electrical system and control system
Motor: Sq. cage/Inverter control, specially designed for crane application.
Brakes: Fail safe magnetic DC disk Brake
Gear Box: Gearboxes with cold-form housing
Rotation mechanism Through chain at the end of JIB Arm or Electric (if required)
Overload protection Standard safety on all hoists which prevents the operator from overloading the hoist
Limit Switch: Up and down Limit Switch in Hoisting, Right/Left Limit Switch for traversing
D-Series Hoists - Lifting speeds up to 55 m/min
- Lift heights up to 100 meters
- Compact dimensions
- Variable mounting possibilities
- Durable due to gold galvanized parts
- Low price due to the use of standardized parts
- Easy and quick replacement of single parts through the modular system
Optional Features: - Automatic operation
- Wireless Radio Remote control
- Joy sticks inside Cabin control
- PLC automatic Control system
- Photo-optical distance control (anti-collision)
- Flood Lights
- Horn
We implement customized solutions for capacities up to 63 tons or jib lengths up to 10 m.
With the help of the module system our pillar jib cranes are designed specifically for your individual requirements.

Our advantages are:

-> Low dead weight
-> Low installation dimensions
-> Low hook approaches
-> Cost savings in building construction