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Synchronized cranes

Synchronized cranes:

To increase the lifting capacity, sometimes two or more cranes are used which commonly called tandem lifts. Only one crane operator controls all cranes synchronously. Synchronizing with two or more cranes can be done with a common Master/Slave radio remote control.

Equipped with this system the capacities of the single cranes can be utilized together. Single cranes can be operated independently from each other for lighter loads. The use of synchronously controlled cranes allows very long and therefore hard to balance goods to be transported safely and comfortably.

The use of an individually designed cross-beam in combination with a synchronized crane system provides even more options for exploiting the capacity of your crane systems. 


Highly sophisticated crane system with precise synchronizing options for German submarine construction

Crane Type

Double girder overhead crane

max. Capacity

2 x 120 t


16,54 m

Height of lift

17 m

Lifting speed with full load

8,3 m/min

Travel speeds crane / trolley

40/20 m/min

Frequency inverter

Cranes / Trolleys / Hoists

FEM - group


Special features

  • complete and highly precise synchronizing with a total capacity of 240 t
  • 2 trolley with up to 4 hoist per crane
  • True Lift - hoists without horizontal hook movement

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