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Corrosion resistant cranes

Corrosion resistant cranes:

Some cranes must operate in caustic and corrosive environments which are present in several industries such as copper refineries (electrolytic refining of copper), pulp and paper industry, the process of alumina, fabrication of alkalis and etc. In this situations which acid vapors, caustic fumes and liquids, reactive gas, chemical, organic solvents may exist, a standard crane will for a while. Maintenance costs are very high and crane will have short life time.

 Standard components will rust and break down when exposed with corrosive condition. by substituting chemical resistant materials with standard components the corrosive effects of the caustic substances can be minimized.

 - Standard wire ropes can be replaced by Stainless steel type

- Standard Hooks can be replaced by Stainless steel type

- Panels ingress protection can be raised

- Brakes ingress protection

- Special painting for corrosion protection of components

- Special and high DFT painting for corrosion protection of steel structure

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